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Evacuate Now; Wildfire Imminent!
Severe Thunderstorm Watch
Tropical Storm Watch
Current Alerts For Chalet Hamlet

Last Updated: Monday, November 27th, 2023
Wildfire Alerts

There is currently no wildfire alerts at this time.

Burn Ban Notice: There is an entire burn ban currently in effect. There is also a $25,000 for anyone caught burning during the burn ban.

Wildfire Alert Level: 0
Wildfire Alert Levels:
0 - No/Minimal risk
1 - High risk of wildfire
2 - Current wildfire in progress, with possible risk to the Hamlet
3 - Evacuate Now; Wildfire Imminent

Wildfire Risk Level: 1
Wildfire Alert Levels:
1. No/Minimal risk
2. Moderate risk (Restricted)
3. High (Ban; no fires, including fireworks)

Air Quality:

There is currently no precautions due to air quality.

Weather Alerts

Tropical Storm Watch:

There is currently no weather alerts at this time.
Heat Warning
Stay inside and avoid going outside, unless necessary.
Stay cool and hydrated; drinking plenty of water, but not too much. Only drink until you're not thirsty.
Keeps blinds and windows closed, especially if you have no air conditioning.
Check and friends and neighbours.

Hurricane Warning
Put away and/or strap down anything that might blow away.
Stay away from doors and windows

Rain Warning

Snow Storm Warning
Be prepared! Stock up on goods, and avoid buying refridgerated or frozen foods, in case the power goes out for awhile.
If you have frozen foods, and the power is out for more than 12 hours, place frozen stuff in cooler or in snow.
It is recommended you have a thermmometer to keep an eye on the temperature.
You should have two torches per person, fresh batteries, at least one radio; preferably a battary or wind-up.

Thunderstorm Warning
  • Take shelter in your house or your car.
  • Avoid looking at the lightning, for that can damage your eyes.
  • Turn off and avoid using any electrical appliances.
  • Avoid showering, bathing, or swimming.

Tornado Warning
Seek shelter immediately, and wait there until the storm wanring has passed.
  • Take shelter in your basement on the centre part of your house, if you haven't a basement, preferably a bathroom.
  • If your house doesn't provide adequate shelter, go to a neighbours place.
  • Don't drive, unless it is the only option.
  • If in your car, don't take shelter under a bridge

Wind Warning

Other Alerts

There is currently no other alerts at this time.