Chalet Hamlet

Saturday, May 14th, 2022

Fire Ban!

Heads up - full province wide fire ban!! NO CAMPFIRES!!!! NO BURNING BRUSH!! NO BURNING PERIOD!!

'Harmony In The Hamlet'

Saturday, May 14th, 2022

Yard Sale

Hi! A reminder about the Flea Market on Saturday June 4th at the Vaughan Fire station from 9 - 1. The Ladie's Auxiliary will have the canteen open for coffee, tea, and baked goods.
To reserve a sales table inside ($10), please PM Tammy Berendsen or Angela Corscadden.

If you have gently used items to donate for sale, please advise. All proceeds will go towards the Chalet Hamlet Park development.

We hope to see you there!

'Harmony In The Hamlet'

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

Roads Update

Road work begins on Wednesday, May 11th. One kilometre of road buildup on the main road will begin at around 7:30AM and continue for several days. Please drive carefully.
Grading is expected to begin within the next week, but the contractor hasn’t confirmed the date yet.

'Harmony In The Hamlet'

Monday, March 18th, 2022

FireSmart Awareness Workshop

The Hantsport Fire Department will be hosting a FireSmart Awareness workshop in our community.
They are encouraging home and business owners to become aware of the risks of wildfires within their neighbourhood and how they can help mitigate these risks to protect their homes, businesses, and properties through the FireSmart Program.
The goals for FireSmart Canada are twofold: to improve communication with stakeholders and to empower communities through education and organising neighbourhood programs to bring awareness to how you can proactively do wildfire mitigation both on your property and your community.
Please RSVP to Jennifer Daniels, Local FireSmart Representative at or 902-792-8253

When: April 13th, 2022
Where: South West Hants Fire Hall
Time: 19:00-21:00 (7-9 PM)

'Harmony In The Hamlet'

Monday, March 14th, 2022

Road Update

Just a heads up that log trucks will start hauling some wood this week from the second road to right. Please drive carefully.

'Harmony In The Hamlet'

Wednesday, February 16th, 2022

Road Update

Wagner, the forestry company which owns land around the Hamlet, will be harvesting wood this winter on land that they own between highway 14 and Chalet Hamlet.
Today, they will be using a grader to wing back the snow to widen the main road from Highway 14 toward the CHPOA gates. Please be careful driving while the work is ongoing.

'Harmony In The Hamlet'

Sunday, January 9th, 2021

2022 Waste Sorting Guide

West Hants has issued their 2022 Waste Sorting Guide. Here’s the waste sorting guide in a more visual format.
Please be aware that the rules for West Hants are not the same as the rules for other areas such as Halifax.

Click the link the view/download. [PDF]

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Tuesday, December 8th, 2021

Winter Parking Ban

Reminder: no parking on CHPOA roads during the winter. Your car may be towed.

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Monday, September 27th, 2021

AGM Meeting Minutes - August 22nd, 2021

Here are the minutes from the 2021 AGM. The members of the 2021-2022 Board were voted in at the AGM, but anyone is welcome to become a member of one or more of the committees: Roads, Social, Environment, Garbage, Safety.
If you're interested in joining a committee or would like more information, reply to this posting or send an E-mail to
Click the link the view/download.

CHPOA AGM August 22 2021 Minutes [PDF]

'Harmony In The Hamlet'

Thursday, April 29th, 2021

Chalet Hamlet Welcome Kit

As discussed at the CHPOA Community Meeting on Sunday, here’s a copy of the Welcome Kit that’s being given to new property owners.
Big thanks to Diane Laking! If you have suggestions for ways to make the welcome kit even better, let Diane or any other member of the CHPOA Board know.
Click on the link to view/download.

Welcome To Chalet Hamlet [PDF]

'Harmony In The Hamlet'

Friday, April 23rd, 2021

Community Risk Assessment & Emergency Evacuation Plan

This is the beginning of fire season in Nova Scotia. The CHPOA Board has prepared an emergency evacuation plan and a group of residents has volunteered to act as neighbourhood fire wardens.
FireSmart NS also did a risk assessment for Chalet Hamlet. Better to have a plan in place and never have to use it than to find ourselves facing a wildfire without a plan in place.
Finished Emergency Evacuation Plan 21 April 2021

Here's the wildfire risk assessment that was done for Chalet Hamlet by FireSmart NS:
Community Risk Assessment For Chalet Hamlet

'Harmony In The Hamlet'

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

Bill 4 Notice

This Bill affects ALL NS land owners!
Stop Biil 4 | Concerned Private Landowner’s Coalition

'Harmony In The Hamlet'

Friday, May 29th, 2020

Evacuation Route

'Sent on behalf of CHPOA Board'

With the onset of summer and the high risk that it brings for forrest fires, its prudent to talk about how we all can get out of the Hamlet if the main road was inaccessible due to a forrest fire.
The attached map photo shows an alternate evacuation route to get out of the Hamlet if our main road was blocked.
The lake in the top of the photo is Little Armstarong Lake and the road (marked in black) is the extension of Armstrong Lake West Road.

This alternate evacuation route would ideally require Off Road Vehicles to move residents out of the Hamlet, however, you can also hike this route if your health permits.
In the coming weeks, it is the boards intention to put together an evacuation plan and post it on Facebook and on the CHPOA website.
Comments and recomendations will be solicited and welcome in order to improve it.

'Harmony In The Hamlet'